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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jack DixonJack Dixon
When I started my lessons with Gary and LDC I was new to driving and only knew the basics. After every lesson it felt that I had learnt something completely new, and interesting. Because of the clam and clear way he presents the lessons this then made me a lot more confident and calm when I took my test.

Also, the LDC workbook was extremely helpful, every night I would look through the book learning about what I was going to be doing in my next lesson. It also had heaps of information and tips on how to pass my test.

Overall, Gary was a great driving instructor and i would recommend him to a lot of people.

From my first lesson with Gary, he was a calming and friendly instructor who made me feel at ease throughout each one of my lessons. His friendly approach to teaching made learning so much easier for me and made him seem like more of a friend than a tutor. His lessons were always very easy to follow and his instructions made each drive as stress free as possible. Through use of the handy LDC workbook and DVD, a lot of time was saved to give me more time out on the road, actually learning to drive. His teaching led me to pass my test first time with only 3 minors. With his amazing teaching and very affordable rates, I would definitely recommend Gary as an instructor to anyone.

Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher
When I first started learning with Gary I was new to driving. Gary's calm and relaxed approach helped put me at ease and made me feel more relaxed. I found the lessons to be enjoyable and extremely informative as I wasn't just learning skills to pass my test, I also learned important skills for driving in the future when I would be by myself. Also, the LDC workbook and DVD were really helpful, by working through them at home we had more time in the car to actually drive. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone.

Ryan Ryan
From when I first start, Gary was straight away helpful and understanding. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the car and while driving made sure it was a nice environment. Gary was always relaxed and made sure that I felt relaxed by taken his time with me. Every problem I had, he made sure I fixed that problem to help on the test day. He was a great driving instructor and would recommend him to a lot of people. I never once felt like he wasn't teaching me what I needed and what will help me not just on test day but help me through my life of driving. He prepared me to the best possible standard, which helped me pass first time.

Theo BennisonTheo Bennison
When I started having lessons with gary I was completely new to driving, but I soon found that with his relaxed and patient approach I was able to quickly progress through the various stages of driving, from basic moving off to navigating complex road junctions. Meanwhile, the use of the LDC book meant that I got the most out of my private practise.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Gary and LDC, and with only two minors on my first time pass, I am certainly pleased with the result, much obliged.